Round Beach Towel

Vacations are long sought after summertime activities by many. Packing your luggage with beach essentials such as sunglasses, lotion, books and flip flap there is an indispensable partner we all take with us: beach towels.

Beach towels

Traditionally the beach towels are made of 100% Cotton while more innovative Microfibre and Bamboo mixed contents are currently available. As we all know beach towels are rectangular or somehow straight cut shape. Recently here in Roundiee, we came up with round shaped beach towels adding a little creativity and color to beach towel experience.

aztec serviette ronde

Round beach towels we produce have 100% Cotton velvet face and a cotton terry back. The velvet face endures intense sunlight and won't fade during successive washes. The soft touch velvet offers coupled with Turkish cotton's highly absorbent nature, gives you the ultimate beach experience with your roundie.

Round Beach Towels

Round beach towels are originally invented by the Australian company The Beach People and they deserve a huge credit for this creative action. Usually coming in 150 cm round shape, round beach towels are further enhanced with touch of fine tassels in edges. Round beach towels we sell in Roundiee measure roughly 160 cm with tassels and are 1.10 KG in weight. 

round beach towel

 Producer and manufacturer of round beach towels, Havva Home Poland.